Trip TIME!


November 3, 2017, my family and I planned to take a little vocation on Mount Claimers Inn and Resort where we explore the beautiful view on their famous 1000 steps. These wonderful and breath-taking view flow me away, because on that spot where feel free and relax at the same time. I truly adore nature. You know, everywhere I go I witness a lot trees been cut down here in Kidapawan and people suddenly forgotten how important nature is to our society. ‘To be precise, it’s a little sacrifice to clear out those unwanted crops or plant, to construct a new restaurant for people to eat and also beneficial to our fellow citizen.’ I heard from one of the constructor. Some reasons why I wanted to share my experience through blogging is because I have a hard time knowing everyone like  my classmates, relatives, and with strangers who have good intention because, to me I feel useless in the eyes for everybody. I guess, like the tree, for instance, I grow and grow and suddenly I’m gone. This vocation helped me get over from my past. It was like my happy place where I can be self, do things that I never even imagine, and taking risk. Promise, here at Philippines we comfort those people who have different reason or problem by doing outdoor adventure. Please come and visit Mindanao.


Next, this picture that I capture it by accident turns out to be an amazing shot. I never imagine that I could capture something so beautiful and realistic. The time when we walked the 1000 steps Journey and it lead us to this amazing and majestic river. The current wave of the river was fast and cold. They’re may be a lot of famous river part of Mindanao but witnessing this kind of spot gives that dazzling feeling like it was first time and it was very first to come here.



IMG_20160101_080758As we head out back to our tents, to telling you truth, going up was harder than I anticipated. We started walking 10:00 am and every 1 minute of rest, my sister gets tired every 50 seconds. She was never been a hiker like me and my brother but it was fun, for us. When we stop to get some rest, I witness something smoking coming out to that area and it was incredible. I never seen or witness something as this. ‘So, that’s where they get the hot water from.’ My sister said. So, I guess, it is.

After that long walk in the 1000 steps of journey, I rest myself at ease and 30 minute I rash out to try one their hot water spot and you know, it was pretty hot at my age. I feel like I was boil in a huge pot. My lower skin from my legs started to turn red which was big situation. I got out fast and when I was out, it begun to cold. It was f*cking freezing. Noted, never go to any hot water spot, again.

IMG_20160101_083642Last spot of my detention, is this wonderful view. Every moment I witness here, I take it until the end of my journey. I had fun, saw things that I have never seen before, relaxed, and eats lots deserts. I guess, you can say, I have  live my life, youthfully.




Fat to looking Hot.


Hello everyone! Today, I’m wearing a chiffon, simple but comforting, white shirt from AGASA. Let me tell you about the top, this is a unique piece of work that I recommend to all mothers to wear this kinds of clothes. When I first try it, it feels so relaxing because, to me, it hides those bumpy areas on your hips usually women are so obsessed in hiding what you called “Muffin top”. Sometimes, women who experience at the stage of motherhood after the condition of pregnant which result to stretch marks and flapy belly. My mom has a very rough time hiding those bumps and she can’t even a wear dress because she had a hard time wearing one. It’s true, that, we women are so obsessed in our own body because we get insecure that we even consider our self Fat and because of that, we started to become one. My mom, who loves me very much, told me that even though her body isn’t slim anymore, the people around her still accept her as what she is and if people disagree to that point than maybe there the one who are insecure. So guys! Love yourself not being selfish or anything but accepting your true self release all those negative vibe from your past.

I know my grammar isn’t straight and all and sometimes readers misread it but please forgive my poor grammar skill. I do appreciate for liking my blog. Thank you po J

Can white clothes be a symbol of death?


Happy All Soul’s Day Philippines and Happy Halloween to everyone! Today I’m at this place called Memorial Park which is located at Bautista Street Kidapawan City and I’m with my family today to celebrate the death of my grandfather Panfilo T. Salarda. Now, I’m wearing a lovely shirt that has a flowery pattern below from Capricieux Lemage and paired with really nice shorts from AIYIGI. Here in Philippines, every once or twice a year we visited our loved ones who passed away to recall all the wonderful memories that we share with our loved once when they were alive, same as Mexican people do. My grandfather was amazing person. He taught my father on how to survive in rough times like financial, relationship, even with people who didn’t like you but those time, to me, it was quite harder for them because that time there was no Tele Vision, Computers, Iphones, even internet, just a couple of work in the farm, selling objects (like clothes, flippers, bag, and so on.) from different markets, collecting income to pay taxes, and etc. In my grandfather’s time, his life was hard you know! I mean, wake up in the morning, take a bath, eat breakfast, working in the farm, collect roots or crops then sent out to the market, get paid, go home, and eat dinner, sleep, and then life repeats again. Sometimes I wonder, what keeps him drive in doing this? Was it, his family gave him purpose? Maybe, grandma did something that made him so motivated? Or was it his will of power and determination that keeps him going to succeed, to achieve, and to win? Maybe or maybe not. Well, according to the studies of Viktor Frankl who are against of determinism, he believe that everyone, despite of any condition to the human person, that we can change our decision, action and behavior because we control our own body mentally and physically. I believe that there is reason why my grandfather wanted to survive before he vanished to this world. I guess, everyone has a purpose into their lives. I have one and so those everybody.

My Ideal Outfit


October 29, 2017, me and my grandmother was going to the cathedral as part of our daily bonding but before that, when I was at my closet I told myself “what the F*ck I’m I goin’ to wear?” I stepped back and look at the window and I saw something outside, that’s when I got the idea. I envision myself wearing my ideal clothes with a little Korean twist outfit. I was wearing a white silky-polo shirt paired with a dark blue skirt and my personal favorite, a sweater.

These clothes prioritized me with comfort, simple, and chill that I love and I know it’s not fashion but it shows confident. I know a lot people who are scared of taking rick (I’m one of those people) but I’m not scared of relieving my true self and share with other people with same interest. The church has this big and wonderful ceiling fan which was enough for the whole people to cool down the place. I mean, it was amazing when a saw those fan, it even looks like a giant electrical fan the one a saw in the museum. My sister told me that I look like a magical priest; it really made me laugh though. This October is about to end and then another month will soon begin.

Also, I wanted to thanks everyone who followed me. I do appreciate that everyone notice my blog and I promise I will do my very best to break-down my limits and show everyone that an 18-yrs-old girl can wear fashion, confidentially.

Let’s Go Swimming!


Hello! Guys. Long time no see! Today I’m going to share you all another beautiful and amazing places here in Mindanao. It’s a resort located at (place). To tell you the whole detail about this resort, this resort was build on the year 1980’s. It has 2 huge pools, 3 water slides, one beautiful lake, lots plants, and the entrance fee is only 50 pesos. This resort was one of the amazing resorts in Cotabato but, time passes by, this resort is no more popular as it used to be.

Occasionally, people visited this resort to hang out, celebrating birthday parties, and etc. What interesting about this place, is that, this resort has a wonderful view on the lake, you can also feed the fishes, take selfies, and seat one of their cottage which is free by the way. I was inspired to pair these clothes by my own creativity. I’m wearing a black sleeveless-shirt and paired it with a hat, (I bought this hat when was in Boracay last year. If you are familiar of this place, please search it on any websites you use. I recommend all love readers to explore the beachey place of Boracay.) and a bag.


Another outfit that I want to share to you all is this. My sister, who also loves fashion, is looking for a style that looks great and comfortable. That is why she paired one of mine old clothes from my closets and transformed it with freestyle look, perfect in outdoor look. This outfit seems to be out of style but it has potential. With determine and a little bit of polishing I know, me and my sister, will definitely create an amazing and natural outfit.

Spotlight + Clothes = Great Outfit

IMG_20171015_092633This next look, I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt from the top with a very modernize design made from France and the brands name is actually BeBe. Okay! I am not familiar with the this brand name because I am new to this, there are two reason why I didn’t research about this brand name: First, I don’t know the origin of this clothes but I’m pretty sure its famous to other countries and (this is embarrassing actually) I forgot to pay the internet bills which I am so ashamed of, as a citizen to this society ( ~_~ !) Back to the topic, from the top, it has that bold and strong color great to any kind of occasion. (Note: a little information about the colors. I think, from the designer perspective, is that, black represent as strong, independent, and also bold same as the gray, meanwhile, for the white represent as a free and pure. When your pair this three modernize color, any look you want, it will always looks great in everyone but just don’t paired it with light color.)

Wearing sweater can be so much FUN!

IMG_20171015_091346Today’s October, this outfit inspired me to create a fun and exciting clothes for outdoor activity. I got the idea in pairing both old clothes to new creative look. Giving the whole details from the top is unknown; since the label of the sweater disappeared (since its old) I cannot proceed in surfing the net without its brand name. So, I guess I cannot tell if it’s vintage or not. The top is (for me) extremely cool because, as you can see, the creative design is really amazing. It has that florally, dark blue, kind of design that looks great with the dirty white or sand-like color, a perfect and interesting pairing. It looks cozy, comfortable, and looks great to any hangout parties. From below, the brands name has also disappeared because, for me, it seems that it was torn apart and yeah… i don’t know ( -_- )? But the best part is, from the interior layer of the pants is, kind of, soft and comfortable when you wear it. It looks great when you’re doing activities such as zumba, hip – hop dancing, or wearing it when jog and so on. You can pair it as much as you want but it’s important to question yourself first; does it look okay to me? Is it comfortable? Do I feel beautiful when I pair it? and etc. The possibilities in pairing old clothes with modern clothes are actually interesting because it’s natural, unique, and original. Please try one, if you don’t feel like it’s the one for you than challenge it by letting yourself out from your comfort zone. We might not know, you may encounter something interesting about yourself.

Simply White

3My sister pictures are amazing but it still lacks on something. To me, this picture inspired me to wear any clothes that i want as long as i am comfortable to it. The sweater I bought for her looks great. She paired a rough shorts cover with a crumbled pattern white color sweater and adds her own personal cab hat to complete the look. Sorry, no story behind from this one.

Just liking it



I love how i matched my clothes with my shoes because, I don’t know, they balanced my way of looking good and its comfortable when I wear it. The top has those transparent long sleeves through my shoulder down to my wrist and I paired it with this nice leggings made by the Philippines and then i just wear this cute shoes which i though it looks perfectly great on me. Thanks Designers who made this clothes and making our world more stylish and modern.